the last stand for the middle class

FOOD FIGHT Inside the Battle for Market Basket


Melissa Paly, Producer

A principal at CrossCurrent Communications, Melissa has been producing documentary video about challenging environmental, health and social issues for broadcast, education, outreach, training and marketing for more than 20 years.

Erik Angra, Editor

Erik Angra is an Emmy-award winning cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. Angra began his career documenting the struggles and exploits of punk musicians touring across the US.

Jay Childs, Director

Jay is principal of JBC Film Group and Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, was at the rallies, press conferences, in the aisles and at the protesters’ encampment all summer long.

About This Film

corporate dramas

Watch intriguing stories from the corporate talking about the common issues of the society where people need a revolutionary change.

loyal customers

Watch the documentary explaining the role of marketing for a business to develop trust among customers and make them permanent.

supermarket chain

Learn about how supermarkets are the best source of convenience and easy and what was the idea behind creating one.

What they say about us

The documentaries are highly informative to be seen just once. It is a study that is needed to be noted down.

Shu P. Ly

I quickly felt the need to take notes for the lessons that these documentaries provide for businesses as well as customers.

Sheila D. Hale

I found the documentaries really interesting and eye-opening being a customer for all the big food brands for all this time.

John T. Cook

Meet our team

commercials videos

Our team creates commercials for businesses to promote their products and services in an informative manner.

Filmmakers Seminars

Our community of filmmakers assembles together every six months to discuss our projects and new programs.

union workers

Our team also involves union workers who make projects come true by connecting us to the big industries and brands.


Our documentaries have won several awards for providing the right information with teamwork, creative ideas, and a lot of research.

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