When it comes to filming food, there are several things you can avoid doing so that your videos will turn out looking great.

If you’re doing things correctly, there’ll be few mistakes you make. Make sure that you take pictures and videos so that you can learn from your mistakes and never leave them out when you’re making your video.

Here are some food filming mistakes you can avoid making:

1. Moving Hands Unnaturally

Many people make a mistake when trying to film food is unnaturally using their hands. While this may seem like a good idea, the fact is that you should never have your fingers in front of your eyes. If you want to make great videos, you need to keep your fingers out of the picture.

2. Not Using The Right Lighting

Another important thing that people forget about when it comes to filming food is lighting. The type of lighting you have can affect the way your food looks in the video. For example, fluorescent lights will give you the most accurate colors, while indirect lighting will make the food appear glowing.

If you don’t get the lighting right then, your photos will look like they were taken in a black and white world and won’t reflect the food well.
You’ll get a distorted film with the wrong kind of lighting that appears to be in color, but it’s not in reality. You need to use the correct amount of light to get a good and accurate food color.

3. Not Focusing On A Single Dish

Another mistake many people make is being careless when they’re taking videos of the food. Some filmmakers take too many videos of food on time. As a result, some videos can’t focus on a single dish. With such, people watching won’t have much time to appreciate the food your filming.

4. Missing Out The Background

Another mistake you can avoid when filming food isn’t paying attention to their surroundings. While you might be shooting food from different angles, paying attention to the other people in the restaurant and the environment is essential when trying to capture the food’s right mood.

5. Getting The Wrong Angle

Also, being too close to the food is a mistake you should avoid if you’re filming foods. By doing these, you might not let them see the overall shot of the food.

Or if you’re shooting the kitchen, too, then don’t take many trips back and forth between different parts of the kitchen. This is a huge mistake to avoid if you’re going to be shooting multiple scenes. You should have a good look at all of the appliances and things in one shot. Having to take multiple trips around the kitchen isn’t only expensive, but it’s also very time-consuming. It’ll cost you more money in editing to get it done all in one shot.

6. Using The Wrong Equipment

Another mistake you want to avoid is not using the correct equipment when shooting your food. Have the right camera settings aside from the right lights when you’re trying to shoot your food. It’s because you have to capture everything so that the result looks as good as possible. That way, you can avoid redoing any shot.


No matter how simple or large these mistakes are, they’re going to affect your film one way or another. These mistakes are one of the challenges when filming food. But more practice and videos will make you better at filming food and the more mistakes you can avoid in the future.