The days when Netflix and chill was a thing is now declining and moving ahead to Netflix and learns because there are some serious discussions out that you’re probably missing out. One of them is regarding the food industry and foods that we consume. From the macro calculation for your potential fat loss and muscle gain, to the amount of hidden sugar in your foods, the food industry can rock your beliefs. Here are 13 best food documentaries that can change your opinion on food overnight.

 Forks over Knives

The famous documentary released in 2011 is not your average documentary which boycott and pleas the nation/world to cut down on meat. However, it does the opposite – displays the benefits of plant based diets. This documentary gained so much popularity that even Ariana Grande planned to go vegan after watching this masterpiece.

 Forks over Knives

 Food, inc

This documentary illustrates a rough idea on the manufacturing of the processed foods that we eat on a daily basis. From dairy and processed food to the whole grains and vegetables, everything undergoes a process – bad for health, good for business.

Sugar Coated

We know at least one person among our family and friends that says, ‘ I quit sugar.” This doc is exactly for those kinds of people who have developed a negative stigma around consuming white sugar.

Fed Up

The very tag line of the documentary goes ‘ Congress considers pizza as a vegetable.” It hones on the increasing among diversity especially in countries like the US with staggering problems of obesity.

Hunger for change

It is dismal to say that even some famous self-claimed fitness gurus have limited knowledge about processed food. This documentary was made exactly for those people who fall prey to such false deceptions. It provides the right information on the diets, and the foods to toss when you visit a grocery store.

Hunger for change


Genetically Modified Organisms are the types of organisms that are beneficial for the proper survival of the food chain and cycle. This documentary highlights the importance of consuming food rich in GMO.

That Sugar Film

Yet again, another film on the stigma developed around consuming sugar. This documentary gives a real-life idea of how the consumption of “healthy” food, as opposed to sugar risks a man’s life.

 Fat, Sick and nearly dead

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an overweight person shed all his pounds throughout a film, which you can absolutely find in this documentary. If you need the motivation to drink smoothie for your dinner, then this is the right documentary for you.

Super Size ME

This is in partnership with MC Donald where he only eats MCD for 30 days to showcase the harmful effects of fast food on our body. After watching this doc, if it doesn’t motivate you to avoid those fries or “supersize” your burger, then we don’t know what will.

MC Donald


If you’re thinking of going vegan, and you’re still skeptical about this then plunge, vegucated will set you off in the right note. It is for one of those people in the crowd that are stuck in the dilemma of going vegan.

Food Fight

This is more like a story or an interview that showcases the drastic change in a food habits faced by people in the early days and how it is changing for good.

 Bite Size

Child and teen obesity is a serious issue, and this doc is all about the alternative methods on how to four obese children struggle to lose weight.

 What the Health

It is another doc that enlightens the world about the conspiracies and the realities in the food, pharmaceutical, government and the medical industry.